The Social Cinema Foundation provides a year long program for students to explore all aspects of cinema.  These programs have various components, including in classroom work, seminars, participation in local film projects and one-on-one tutoring in specific film topics of interest.  This curriculum is individually structured.  SFC targets 20-25 students per year to go through the year long curriculum. 

The Social Cinema Foundation summer programs are six-week intense immersion into the cinema industry.  Each student works with a peer team to write and produce a short film over the summer.  During the summer, they are be exposed to each aspect of the film process and the various technology components that are required for a film to be made.  State of the art equipment and software is used so the students have hands on learning with the latest equipment. Upon completion of the program, students have been exposed to various careers within the film industry and critiqued on their skill set as it relates to practical employment applications.

Each year, the Social Cinema Foundation participates in creating socially conscious short films with seasoned production veterans.  Our students have the opportunity to shadow these films and participate in the production process.  Again, the goal is to give the students as much hands on exposure to industry professionals so they can learn the day-to-day aspects of the film industry.  These films are targeted toward festivals and broader distribution.  

The Social Cinema Foundation is working to create a local film festival for students and other artists who are developing socially conscious films. The festival will give the students a chance to showcase their work and give them hands on experience within the business of film.  The ultimate goal is to host festivals in each of the cities where programs are implemented.